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Development of new criteria
The award procedure
Application form
Product Criteria
Products with the National Environment-friendly label
2002. 10. 14.


Costs related to the use of Eco-labels

The fees of the application process should be paid to the bank account number of the Hungarian Eco-labelling Organisation: 10400126-01201149.

Application fee

The application fee should be paid at the time of application.

  • The amount of the fee is: HUF 150,000 + 12 % VAT

There is a 25% discount for those applicants whose annual income is less than HUF 1 billion.

  • The fee for lengthening the use of the eco-label is HUF 100,000 + 12 % VAT

In case of unsuccessful application the applicant does not get a refund of this fee.

Fee of consultant evaluation

The consultant evaluation of the application is done for the applicant’s cost.

Fee for using the eco-label

The fee is calculated based on the annual sales of the labelled product. It is 0.002% of the annual sales or at least HUF 120,000 /year (HUF 30,000 /quarter).

Those label users who are not subject to other environmental preference and their annual income exceeds 1 million HUF should pay the fee as stated in the table bellow:

Net income
(billion HUF)

Fee (0/00)

- 1.0

2; but min. HUF 30,000 /quarter.

From 1.0 – till 10


From 10.0 –till 20


Over 20



The fee should be transfered quarterly.

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