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Development of new criteria
The award procedure
Application form
Product Criteria
Products with the National Environment-friendly label
2002. 10. 14.


Application for the Hungarian Eco-label

The application procedure for the Hungarian eco-label is as follows:

1. The applicant should send its application to the Hungarian Eco-labelling Organisation and pay the processing fee;

2. The Hungarian Eco-labelling Organisation prepares the expert evaluation of the application;

3. The Eco-labelling Organisation prepares a recommendation for decision making and submits these recommendations to the Minister;

4. The Minister of Agriculture makes the decision about the application;

5. In case of a favourable decision the Hungarian Eco-labelling Organisation signs a contract with the applicant-;

6. Publication on the Ministry’s and the Organisation's websites.

After this procedure the applicant is entitled to use the Hungarian eco-label, according to the rules determined in the contract. The right to use the label can be awarded till the expiry of the given product criteria or for a minimum of one year, after which the application has to be renewed.

 Terms of application

Applications may be submitted for any products or services with environmentally advantageous characteristics. Exceptions are food products and beverages, pharmaceuticals, medical products, highly poisonous, poisonous, carcinogen, mutagenic substances, materials detrimental to reproduction, environmentally dangerous products, and products harmful to consumers.

 The assessment procedure

The application has to meet formal requirements as well as requirements relating to the content of the application. Separate applications should be submitted for each product.

Parts of the application documentation:

- filled in application form;

- annexes mentioned on the application form;

- documents required by the product group criteria;

- information on the sales organisations with the addresses and telephone numbers of the businesses where the given product is sold;

- other information required by the Organisation.

Requirements relating to the content of the application

The product or service has to meet the product group criteria, which has to be verified by documents and in certain cases with tests and measurements.


Based on the proposal of the Organisation the decision is made by the Minister of Agriculture.

Terms of label use

In case of favourable decision the Hungarian Eco-labelling Organisation signs a contract with the applicant. The terms of label use stated in the contract are the followings:

  • Time period of label use;
  • Continuous correspondence with the criteria;
  • The right of the Hungarian Eco-labelling Organisation to supervise the fulfilment of contract criteria;
  • Details of fee payment;
  • Information that can be made public;
  • Details of the eco-label’s appearance (size, colour, use) and its use;
  • Picture (or a sample) of the labelled product;
  • Consequences of contract violation.

 Assessment procedure of the applications

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