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2002. 10. 14.


The Operating Bodies of the Hungarian Eco-labelling System

In Hungary, the certification system is run by the Hungarian Eco-Labelling Organisation established by the Ministry of the Environment and Water Management.

The address of the organisation is as follows:

1027 Budapest, Lipthay u. 5.

Tel.: (36-1) 336-1156, Fax: (36-1) 336-1157

E-mail: info@okocimke.hu

Web: http://www.kornyezetbarat-termek.hu/  or      www.okocimke.

The operating bodies of the Hungarian Environment-friendly-label

Ministry of Agriculture


  • Developing the system’s strategy;
  • Development of required regulations;
  • Supervision and strategic management of the Hungarian Eco-Labelling Organisation;
  • To call upon the Evaluating and Assessing Committee;
  • Decision making on label use;
  • Assurance of co-ordination and co-operation between the European Union’s eco-label system and the Hungarian environment-friendly-label system.

Hungarian Eco-Labelling Organisation


  • Co-ordination of the environment-friendly-label system;
  • Development of draft product group criteria;
  • Opining assurance of professional groups, and asking fro the minister’s approval;
  • Assembling the Evaluating and Assessing Committee, elaboration of decisions, conducting meetings;
  • Fulfilling the Committee’s administrative tasks;
  • Posing tenders for the attainment of eco-labels;
  • Consulting with the eco-label applicants;
  • Preparation of professional assessments and development of decision recommendations to the minister;
  • Contracting with the label winning applicants;
  • Monitoring of the fulfilment of the contract;
  • Withdrawing the right of label use - in case of the violation of the contract;
  • Notification of interested parties in the Ministry’s Official Paper;
  • Keeping records of the eco-label holders;
  • Organisation of commercial activities related to the environment-friendly-label system;
  • Opining of regulations related to the system’s operation.

Evaluating and Assessing Committee


·        Opining and evaluation of new product group proposals;

·        Development of product group criteria and their admission;

·        Collaboration in the opining procedures of the European Union’s eco-label system;

·        Members of the Committee:

               -       Prime Minister's Office

-        Ministry of Internal Affairs;

-        Ministry of Agriculture;

-        Ministry of National Economy;

-        Ministry of Human Capacity;

-        Ministry of National Development;

-        Consumer Protection Supervision,

-        Hungarian Scientific Academy,

-        National Accrediting Body,

-        National Technical Development Committee,

-        Economic interest groups;

-        Trade organisations;

-        Consumer protection organisations;

-        Environment Protection Division of the Hungarian Chamber of Engineering;

-        Environmentalist groups, and

-        the Hungarian Eco-labelling Organisation.



  • Submission of tender documents to the Hungarian Eco-Labelling Organisation ;
  • Transfer of the entry-fee;
  • Carrying out of missing measurements and assessments;
  • In case of favourable decision – contracting with the Hungarian Eco-Labelling Organisation;
  • Assurance of product quality;
  • Transfer of the annual fee.

Consultants, accredited laboratories and other institutions


  • Development of the draft product group criteria and other professional materials;
  • Assessment of applications and conduction of required measurements;
  • Participation in the monitoring process of environment-friendly-label use.

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