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To achieve sustainable development it is our common aim to take responsible decisions during our everyday purchasing. On these pages you can find useful information about the Hungarian Eco-labeling System, about the environment-friendly products and services.

Besides the Hungarian Eco-label we also introduce the EU Eco-label system, in order to give a picture of the labelling system and the EU’s labelled products. After the admission process the two systems will coexists, complement and strengthen each other. 


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Ministry of Rural Development

News and Information

Zrínyi Printing House has aworded the EU Ecolabel in the printed paper category as the first company in Hungary

The Earth Day program

Great results in eco-labelling in Hungary in 2009!

Eco-Label Links

the official EU Eco-label homepage

GEN, Global Ecolabelling Network homepage

energy label, Australia

TCO Environmental Labelling Scheme

Energy Star (USA) homepage

Label online database

Eco-label, Austria

NF Environnement (AFNOR) eco-label, France

Bio-products label homepage, Sweden

Nordic Swan eco-label, Sweden

The German Blue Angel eco-label homepage

Downloadable materials

Handbook on Green Public Procurement

The Green Paper on IPP

IPP press report

Argon NEtON